About Us

BAYQUEN REALTY AND MANAGEMENT CORP. (BRMC) is a pro-active, solution-oriented corporation that provides a full range of real estate investment counselling services. We want to help you make only the best investment decisions. 

BRMC serves property owners as well as aspiring property owners of every bracket from low-end to high-end markets. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual, partnership, cooperative, government agency, or corporation. Every client is important to us. 

BRMC was founded by Baguio-based Certified Real Estate Broker Florence Bayquen in 1989. With utmost dedication and commitment, she has worked and thrived in the real estate business for the past 29 years. 

At BRMC, we offer real estate services to suit your every need. 

  • Are you looking to buy, rent, or build?
  • Transferring a title to a buyer?
  • Curious about the fair market value of your property?
  • Looking to buy a club or golf share?
  • Or planning your own project?

About Us

We offer a wide array of properties and real estate services in Baguio City; Sales, Leases, Appraisal, Property Management, Documentation, Property Appraisal. We prepare a marketing plan custom designed for your specific needs. 

As a Real Estate broker, we want to make sure each client receives dedicated attention and care. 

Each of our listings receive a custom marketing program designed to confidentially and professionally offer our clients’ properties to a targeted base of qualified buyers. Your property will be thoroughly researched to include detailed financial and property description, professional photography and valuable market information. 

Buying property becomes simple when you let us handle the details. 

For those seeking existing property to purchase, our buyer’s representation services are designed to assist you in locating and acquiring suitable properties for investment. In most cases, our representation services can be structured at no cost to our clients. 

Lots, Houses and Lots, Townhouses, Condominiums, Rawlands, Club Shares, name it, WE HAVE IT!

One Stop Professional Real Estate Shop

Apart from property sales and leases, also provide a full range of support services from a pool of lawyers, contractors, architects, engineers, landscapers, housekeeping service and event coordinators. 

“Our Record Speaks”